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Elizabeth Peers

Elizabeth Peers has worked in clinical development since 1983, starting at Astra, initially in respiratory and cardiovascular phase 3/4 development before moving to gastrointestinal (omeprazole); she followed this with 17 years working in small pharma and biotech companies on drug, biologic and device development, in respiratory, renal, oncology, gene therapy, surgery and pain; this encompassed phase 1,2 and 3 with successful regulatory approvals in Europe and USA.  Several projects included re-engineering established drugs for new indications via different routes of delivery.

Elizabeth rejoined big pharma (Sanofi) in 2007, first in Phase 1 and then in a strategic unit for diseases of aging, as a Clinical Expert in Translational Medicine designing decision-making Paths to Proof of Concept for new compounds with novel mechanisms of action. She now offers strategic advice through selected partnerships including The Research Network (TRN) in an individual capacity. This includes definition of how to define a programme to answer key questions during clinical development, review of regulatory documents such as clinical trial protocols and investigator brochures, and preparation for formal regulatory hearings.

Elizabeth Peers holds a master’s degree in Natural Sciences (Pharmacology) from the University of Cambridge, a doctorate in Physiological Biochemistry from Imperial College London, and a diploma in Company Direction from Loughborough Business School. She has worked in multicultural teams and is well acquainted with differing cultural attitudes and practices, and is fluent in French.


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