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By choosing to host a TRN training course, you are tapping into a diverse depth of experience gained from progressing drug discovery and development projects in a number of large pharma and biotech companies. Our cost-effective courses are coordinated by specialist trainers who draw from our extensive network of experts to deliver bespoke content pitched appropriately for the audience. From our popular ‘Nuts and Bolts of Drug Discovery’ introduction through to courses that examine key topics in drug research, pre-clinical development and translational research in greater depth, we can offer the perfect training to suit your organisation.


All courses are delivered on-site and can be tailored to meet the needs of the individual client. Formats vary, but typically include lectures, tutorials and workshops to re-enforce learnings and end-of-course tests can be included to examine participant’s understanding if required.


The course descriptions below provide examples of the types of courses that are available, but please contact us, to discuss your specific requirements and how we can design a course that is right for you.


Nuts and Bolts of Drug Discovery and Development
TRN are pleased to offer a “Nuts and Bolts of Drug Discovery” series of lectures, that provide a comprehensive introduction to Drug Discovery and Development.


Principles and Applications of In Vitro Pharmacology
This course presents the theory of in vitro pharmacology together with its application to drug discovery.


Introduction to Drug Protein Interactions
This course covers the basics of Protein Structure, Peptides, Enzymes and Receptors. It is suitable for those with a first degree in chemistry, who are new to the field of Medicinal Chemistry and would like to learn more about drug-protein interactions.


Chemically Modified Peptide Drugs
This course is suitable for drug discovery scientists who are new to peptide drugs and can include: Chemists, Biologists and DMPK scientists.


This course provides an overview of the basic principles of toxicology and its evaluation in vitro and in vivo.


Material Characterisation and Design as an aid to Candidate Drug Selection and Development
This course is targeted at people working in industry, primarily pharmaceuticals, but is equally applicable to the agrochemical, food, cosmetic and fine chemical industries.


Therapeutic Area Training
For those clients, who have an interest in one particular therapeutic area, TRN can provide a range of courses covering diverse disciplines in the fields of Allergy & Respiratory, Inflammation and Virology.


Drugs for Asthma
This full day course provides a comprehensive discussion of the drugs used to treat asthma. It covers disease pathogenesis and how this underpins the discovery of drugs used.


Animal Models of COPD and Asthma
This 1 hour presentation provides an overview of the histopathology of some of the most commonly used pre-clinical animal models of COPD and asthma including their limitations and their translation to the human disease. The use of such animal models in a toxicology setting is also discussed.


Please contact us if you would like to discuss any of the training courses or would like to receive additional information.

“The professional way this course was organised by TRN ensured a high pass rate in the course assessment and is already leading to improvements in the way we carry out our day to day work”

Director Primary Pharmacology, a leading European pharmaceutical company.