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David Tuffin

Dr. Tuffin’s area of professional expertise is the biological sciences (biochemistry / pharmacology / physiology) as applied to preclinical research and development in the pharmaceutical industry; primarily in the discovery and development of small molecule therapeutics. Dr. Tuffin provides technical expertise and consultancy advice relevant to preclinical discovery (Lead Identification and Optimisation) and early development phase activities, focussing on the cardio-metabolic (diabetes / obesity / dyslipidaemia) therapy areas. Dr. Tuffin offers expertise and advice on development candidate target profiles and nomination, portfolio risk management, strategic planning, change management, and continuous improvement in the pharma R&D environment. Dr Tuffin can assist with collaboration and inlicensing activities, alliance management, placing of CRO studies, compiling of Investigator brochures, due diligence exercises and report writing. Dr Tuffin can advise on writing complex grant proposals eg for the EU Framework and Innovative Medicines Initiative (IMIprogrammes. Finally, Dr Tuffin has held personal and project licenses under the UK ASPA system and, as a former Certificate Holder for 10 years, can offer guidance on the contents and implementation of the new EU2010/63 animal experimentation legislation which replaces the 1986 Act (EU 86/609).

Dr. Tuffin holds a Ph.D. in Physiology/Pharmacology from Kings College London in conjunction with the former Wellcome Research Laboratories, and has worked in the UK pharmaceutical industry in preclinical R&D for 35 years. He has held positions of increasing seniority in successive companies (Rhone-Poulenc, G.D. Searle and AstraZeneca plc) as a postdoctoral scientist, project manager, line manager of small teams, sections, and ultimately ten years as Vice President/ Head of Department (a multidisciplinary cardiovascular/metabolic disease department of approximately 200 staff comprising chemistry, bioscience, DMPK, and laboratory animal science functions). Dr. s primary area of professional expertise relates to the discovery and early development of candidate drugs in the cardio-metabolic field. Dr s department ran a portfolio of cardio-metabolic projects which delivered multiple candidate drug nominations against a spectrum of targets and mechanisms. Dr Tuffin was closely associated with the development of the statin Crestor. Dr Tuffin was the first HOD in AstraZeneca UK to introduce the principles and practice of continuous improvement using Lean Sigma analysis and implementation.

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