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Consultancy & Project Management

Please see below for details about the consultancy and project management services we provide:
Due Diligence
For any company wishing to in-licence compounds or intellectual property from a third party, experts at The Research Network are available to conduct the necessary due diligence analysis required. We will ensure that the client receives objective and reliable information to enable them to make truly informed decisions.

Our TRN team of consultants are able to offer:

  • Gap Analysis
  • Scientific review of non-clinical data packages (Pharmacology, Toxicology, ADME, CMC) for potential in-licensing of candidate drugs
  • Evaluation of the completeness of data package
  • Evaluation of the studies performed for regulatory compliance (Regulatory compliance analysis)
  • Critical assessment of any findings that may impact further development or regulatory compliance
  • Assessment of the relevance of findings to human safety
  • Strategic advice and guidance on additional studies to address findings or mitigate against the possibility of regulatory delays
Outsourcing pharmaceutical discovery and development activities offers the ability to maximiseresource and access a diverse range of services. Once the decision has been made to outsource an activity, the next challenge is to select the right CRO or service provider. This process can be overwhelming and time consuming.

The team at The Research Network has extensive knowledge of CROs and service providers across the globe, with particular expertise in India and China. Our industrial experience and independent view will help you find the solution that is right for you. Many CROs do outstanding work in certain research areas (e.g., compound synthesis) but may not have the required expertise in other areas such as protein supply, so at TRN our aim is to work with the most appropriate CRO to meet your specific request.

TRN does not represent CROs, but recommend those with a high performance, and we are driven to find the right partner to fit your project needs.

We can provide outsourcing solutions to one aspect of your research, or provide project management across a range of desired CROs for a program of drug discovery.
On your behalf, TRN will manage the Request for Quote process, liaise with suppliers to achieve the most competitive price and the most appropriate service model for you, e.g. on a fee for service, FTE, or combined basis.

Examples of research areas, where TRN can assist with your outsourcing needs are in:

  • Compound synthesis and supply
  • Library synthesis and supply
  • Medicinal chemistry projects including the delivery of test compounds
  • Protein Supply
  • In vitro and in vivo compound testing

Our consultants will project manage the work to ensure successful delivery and a positive outcome for any outsourced activity.

Continuous Improvement
TRN’s Continuous Improvement Team can help you to streamline your R&D processes to reduce your costs, improve quality and increase the speed at which critical data and knowledge can be delivered into your projects.

We will:

  • Partner with you and your customers / suppliers (both internal and external as required) to map your current processes
  • Help you to develop and deliver a clear plan of action to address any issues
  • Remove non value adding activities
  • Standardise and simplify
  • Reduce variation

Example outcomes from this approach have been:

  • Reduction in testing lead times of > 50%
  • Stable and predictable make, test, design cycles
  • Significant reduction in costs
    Improved cross functional team working
  • Generation of quality knowledge at the right time to inform decisions
  • Team have more time to be creative and innovate
Chemistry Patent Writing

The Research Network patent writing team has a wealth of expertise and experience in compiling chemistry patent information. We can provide high quality, tailored, patent-ready Examples and Preparations, alongside General Methods sections. Our chemists are well practiced at condensing experimental write-ups and analyzing data, in the style required by your attorneys, helping you achieve optimum efficiency to meet the legal requirements of disclosure, whilst providing a cost-effective solution for future translations. Engaging The Research Network in writing and compiling both experimental and general methodology sections of your patent specifications will allow your chemists more time to focus on designing and synthesizing new compounds.

Scientific Writing

We offer scientific journal writing and editing services across all disciplines of pharmaceutical research. Our team of writers, who are all native English speakers, have many years of experience in the pharmaceutical industry and have authored journal articles across a wide range of disciplines eg J Med Chem, Bioorg & Med Chem, Drug Discovery Today, Methods in Molecular Biology.

We understand the standards and expectations of journal editors, and apply our scientific writing and editing experience to the preparation of your documents.

We will work with you to create a professional scientific paper suitable for submission to the journal of your choice and based on the data available can make a recommendation of which journal would be the most appropriate. We will tailor the style of writing to meet the needs of your specific scientific journal and ensure that any data requirements are met.

Whole Project Support
TRN is positioned to provide integrated leadership and scientific management for entire projects from lead identification to clinical proof of concept. We can propose an optimal scientific team and CROs to suit a given project and oversee effective project implementation on behalf of Clients.