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Dermott O’Callaghan

Dermott O’Callaghan has over 9 years experience in the pharmaceutical industry. His focus has been on early drug discovery in neuroscience with an emphasis on ion channels. He has in-depth experience of numerous drug discovery approaches and technologies ranging from high-throughput screening to pre-clinical candidate selection.

He is an experienced manager leading several screening teams with Pfizer and AstraZeneca. These teams worked across multiple projects, against a range of target classes in a cross-functional setting building a reputation for delivering high quality data against exacting deadlines. He has experience of running outsourced projects with both domestic and over-seas contract research organisation.

He has worked extensively with data analysis methodologies both to enable discovery projects and implement novel software tools. The consequence of this has been the development of new compound triage approaches to identify novel chemistry.

As an external consultant he has engaged with large pharmaceutical clients to manage specific drug discovery projects, to build centralised global screening capacities and provide key technical evaluations for capital purchases.

His approach is based on embracing the emerging outward facing drug discovery business models to ensure clients are best placed to capitalise on pre-competition interactions, cloud based open-access data sharing, out-sourced experimental work and new technological advancement.

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